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Among 173 applications received, the jury has selected 100 ceramist from 16 countries.

Informations send to the exhibitors:

The exhibitor confirms that all submitted pictures show his own work (design and production) and that he will exhibit only his own work if accepted.
Only one application per person is allowed.

Criteria will be as follows:
technical and expressive quality
Coherence and diversity of the exhibition
The submission is international
A panel of 3 jurors will select the exhibitors
A well known artist will represent the town of Morat/Murten
The former edition award winner
A professional ceramist

Jury 2016
Maurizio Ferrari, President of the jury and experienced ceramist
Martine Seymour-Odier, Audience award winner 2014

Sandro Godel, Local artist


The jury’s decisions are final and will not be reconsidered

Please take note that the selection will be based on the four photos sent.

View of the site
The places will be attributed by the organization. 
The tents must have a wind resistance of up to 40km/h (bft 5-6).It will be possible to anchor the tents in the ground.  Only white or very light colored tents will be allowed. The installation, dismantling and opening times will be respected as well as all other directives given by the organization comittee.
Each participant is responsible for his/her own insurance coverage during the event. The organization committee may not be responsible for any loss or damage caused during the event.
Security services will be organized overnight.
Ceramics will be displayed in shop windows, shops and galleries. The organization will recommend artists and their work and put each party in contact. 
Access from the railway station will be signposted. A few weeks before the event banners will be posted at all the important main road intersections.

Tent/Pavilion and ordering:
We like to make a nice and pretty impression on the Pantschau, so please bring a white, strong and
weatherproof tent. Please note that we don’t accept light(weight) tents from the „DoitYourself-Shop“.
If you don’t have one you have the possibiliy to order one directly at our Partner and supplier Gardeko
GmbH, price especially low. This tent would be delivered comfortably and directly to Murten.
-> Infosheet pavilion ordering

Music, food and beverages:
Different bands will play music during the event and food and beverages will also be available in several booths.
Saturday evening a supper for all the exhibitors will be organized under the main tent.

A "Publics' vote " award will be organized.
The ceremony will be held on the 4th of september at 16 hours at the Pantschau.

Brochures and prints:
Over 50'000 postcards, posters and leaflets will be printed. A small brochure (A5/6) will be edited and distributed to all households in the area.
Posters will be placed in different locations by the organizing committee and the tourist office of Morat/Murten will distribute our brochure.
The sending of invitations is entirely organized by the comittee. Each participant will receive a number of free cards to be sent back (with addresses printed on them) too us. We will organize a group shipping. The cost is included in the enrolment fee.
-> Information Print Material (triligue)

Press and sponsoring:
Extended local and national press coverage of the event will be done in the  in the newspapers, on the radio and television.
Please consult -> press
Some of the expenses will be covered by sponsors and culture promotion groups.

Applications will be accepted until the end of march
Acceptance will be mailed arround mid-april
Receipt of your payment up to end of April will confirm your participation in the show.
The place planning and the printing of the 35,000 leaflets will be done before the end of June.
The exhibitors will have to have returned their addressed cards before the end of July.

Foreign exhibitors:

Foreign exhibitors will be helped by the organizers with custom clearance forms and any additional requirements to help with import/export of merchandize. Documents will be send by post directly to the participants.
Directives de douanes (french) - Zollinformationen (Deutsch) - E-declaration (english) not available

The organisator is touch with local organisations for private accomodations.
Find our recommendation for accomodations as well as a additional list here: -> list for accomodation

Cost for every participant will be CHF 250.- to be payed before the end of May
No de compte:  IBAN : CH60 0076 8300 1276 7630 0
or by post bank: 17-49-3 Banque cantonale de Fribourg
Clearing 768
Swift / BIC BEFRCH22
count : 30 01 276.763-00 / CHF Keramikpanorama,
Bank fees will be paid by the exhibitors.

All communication by e-mail only. All information is available on our website:

Keramikpanorama 2018 > APPLY NOW

For information: final rapport 2014

INFO A: call for applications









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